How to grow your business with SEO?

How to grow your business with SEO?
October 27, 2020 No Comments Digital Marketing Minibot

At this time everyone will suggest you go online but nobody will tell you about how this process will go on. You will know in this blog how to grow your business with SEO?

  • What will happen after going online…?
  • And how your business will grow digitally…?
  • In this blog, I will make you understand where you are spending your money after going online.

How to grow your business with SEO? What Is SEO?

How does Google algorithm work for your website?

First of all, you should know about the Google algorithm? How does it work? How users can find you on Google? and How to grow your business with SEO?

For that, you need to understand three basic terms which are

1.       Crawling

-Crawling means searching and scanning the data

2.       Indexing 

-Indexing means storing your data in the database

3.       Ranking

-And ranking is based on the quality of the website

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Do you know about the website?

A website is a collection of webpages that includes multimedia content typically identifies with a common domain name and publish at one web server so that visitors can see all the data in a single place.

-Google has its own virtual robots we can call them as Google bots, Google crawler, or Google spider

-These bots will search for the new data on the website and put that data in the database center and then if the user search for the website then it gives result from the database center

This is known as SEO that is Search Engine Optimization.

To understand this concept…..

Just take a small example, whenever you search for some queries like restaurant near me or hospitals near me or anything that you need to search…..

Google gives you an appropriate result, Google will show you the options available for you as per your requirement. It will show the results based on the rankings. Businesses having high ranking will be display on the first result page of Google and the remaining all will be on 2nd, 3rd or on any other result pages of Google.

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After knowing this, the question arises that,

  • How Google can give related results to the query searched by the user…?
  • And the answer to this question is “Keywords”
  • We can say Keywords are the way for Google to be a medium between the user and the webservers.
  • Any idea or topic that defines what our content or would say what our services about….will be known as keywords.
  • These keywords can be one or multiple words or it can be a phrase.
  • How to grow your business with SEO?

Google bots had already crawled our data, and then searching for the same keywords that we have put in our content Google will recommend our website to the same user.

That’s how the Google search algorithm works for you.

  • This is the first thing and after that second thing is online reputation management.
  • This thing is important for your website or social pages. It is about improving your name or your brand standings in the market.
  • This will happen by counting positive responses and eliminating negative elements.
  • Maintaining this online reputation management can also improve readability and build customer trust in you.

When your website has a connection with the well-reputed brands then this can help you rank your website.

Having a connection with the other brands means getting backlinks from their website. When these brands will share your website link to their website then you will get backlinks from them. As many as backlinks you get from other sites, your website will rank higher in Google Search Engine Result Pages. In other words, your growth is just a call away!

This whole process depends on your SEO that is Search Engine Optimization.

  • As a business owner, you will definitely think how my customers can increase

Then take a small a tour towards grow your business with SEO

  • Firstly, Do your website is attractive?
  • Secondly, Do your website content keywords that will help customers to find you?
  • Do your business listed on Google Business listing or on any other listings like Justdial or Indiamart?
  • If yes, Does your mobile no is working?
  • Does your staff is polite towards the customer?
  • Do you constantly active on social media platforms?
  • And most importantly do your marketing strategy will work for you?

Above all questions you definitely have in your mind. This every factor has a large impact on your business ranking.

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