Keyword Mapping Tips for Best SEO

Keyword Mapping Tips for Best SEO
December 14, 2020 No Comments Digital Marketing Minibot

Keyword mapping is the process of giving each page to a target keyword group. Learn what changes taken place recently. And why keyword mapping tips for best SEO remains important in search engine optimization.

Keyword mapping is that the hidden art of meeting search intent. Search intent is that the reason why someone is searching on Google. The keyword phrase is what people enter into the search bar. If you’re the simplest answer to their search intent. Hence, you must be aware of keyword Mapping Tips for Best SEO. Then, Google will find you the most relevant answer. Certainly, it will reward you firstly, with the rankings.

Secondly, it will provide the traffic that you desire. Digital marketing agencies for example Minibot media solutions, Pune serve in this regard.

What Is Keyword Mapping?

Most importantly, keyword mapping is the process of assigning each page to a target keyword group. However, it is an important part of the search engine optimization process. Google ranks on the idea of specific URLs. And each URL must be optimized and relevant for the target keywords to rank.

Firstly, today’s target keyword cluster consists of the most keyword (focus keyword). Secondly, the cluster describes the subject of the page. Further, it also shows a series of keyword variations and supporting keywords. Digital marketing agencies are working on ranking. So, why Keyword Mapping tips for best SEO matters, we need to know.

Now, what changes taken place recently? And why is keyword mapping important to your 2021 SEO success?

A software client of mine recently won Page 1 with one among our Q4 target pages. They published the article in August 2020.

The main keyword is now, November. It is ranking in position 2 and organic traffic is beginning to devour. It is a part of digital marketing services.

In short:

There might be many supporting keywords ranking for your page. Minibot media solutions can provide you this facility.

Mapping Sub-Topics & Supporting Keywords

This is a reason to celebrate. But this is often also why keyword mapping matters such a lot.


Because the supporting keywords that are ranking today include variations like:

• What is [topic]

• Explain [Heading]

• [Topic] definition

• Goal of [Heading]

• [Topic] management

• [Heading] examples

• [Topic] principles

• [Topic] strategy

• [Topic] systems

• [Topic] best practices

In short:

The article covers every question that somebody knew the subject can be. Consequently, Search engine marketing services are contributing to it.

For instance, an article about time management tips by Toggl (not affiliated with them). Check them in your SEO tool. It ranks for 1.600 keywords, quite 400 keywords on Page 1.

Would any digital marketing company got been tempted to hide these subtopics during a series of articles? And if so would they most likely have missed search intent and a strong rankings opportunity?

Or, even worse, would they’ve got created keyword cannibalization. As a result, a bunch of their articles fighting for equal keywords. And to that, no article finishes up ranking or rankings always switch? Hence, search engine marketing services are important here.

Don’t play hard to urge.

The best digital marketing company should work on keyword mapping. And make it clear to Google which page they ought to be ranking for a target keyword in digital marketing.

Google is recuperating and better at understanding search intent therefore keyword mapping matters. And thus the relevant subtopics needed to meet search intent.

Take the time to dive into Page 1. So you can urge a way of the supporting keywords needed to completely cover the subject. Therefore, it will meet search intent also in the best digital marketing services.

Most avoid writing the keywords through many pages. And avoid creating competing articles while providing google digital marketing services. Try to put your efforts into great, evergreen content that satisfies search intent. Minibot media Pune takes such efforts.

How to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization?

So, what if you’ve got a bunch of comparable keywords and subtopics.

The qualitative way (without tools) to work this out is to review Page 1.

Firstly, go into Incognito mode in your browser. Secondly, start to compare the search results pages for the various keyword variations. It is an effective method of doing SEO in digital marketing services in Pune.

If any digital marketing agency discovers equal or very similar search results, it means they ought to be mapping the keyword to an equal page.

Firstly, when the search results look different. Secondly, their competitors have distinct pages that cover the various keyword variations. Then, they ought to be mapped to different URLs.

Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer features a function named “Traffic Share By Pages”.

In short:

Meeting search intent + great keyword mapping = targeted pages. As a result, there are the simplest chances of ranking success. Hence, it is the best tip used by digital marketing agencies.They use all

Summary: Using Keyword Mapping for SEO

Now, it’s your turn.

Firstly .enter any of your best-performing pages into your SEO tool. Then, it will find out the number of keywords they’re ranking for. I bet that it’ll be hundreds.

Then develop a habit of checking for keyword cannibalization. When content getting to confirm then your keyword mapping is super tight. In other words, it’s the success of the best digital marketing services.

Best ranking!

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